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Meet Vari®

As a workspace innovation company, we help growing organizations unlock the potential of their space and their people. We are dedicated to bringing speed, simplicity, and flexibility to the office furniture buying process. With Vari, companies can scale their workspace quickly and make it happier, healthier, and more productive.

Our Story

Elevating People Since Day One

From our first standing desk to our latest workspace solutions, elevating people is what motivates us.

Where We Started

We created our first product for a colleague who needed a simple way to stand up at work to relieve his back pain. The original VariDesk® sit-stand desk converter was so successful it set the standard for the industry and inspired a whole new category. We soon discovered that our direct-to-consumer business model was just as popular as the VariDesk itself. Customers started asking us for office furniture that offered the same speed, simplicity, and flexibility, so we listened and began expanding our mission beyond the desk.

desktop converter on existing desk, raised to standing height with two monitors
a full office as seen from above, with Vari products creating benched desk groupings, private offices, conference rooms, etc. with a range of product types

Where We're Going

We still proudly sell our award-winning standing desks, but at Vari we now offer everything fast growing businesses need to furnish their space. We offer electric standing desks, conference tables, lights, moveable walls, seating, storage, and more—but it’s not just about furniture. From space planning and design, to installation, we’re a fast, flexible, and knowledgeable partner along the way.  By building lasting relationships with our customers, we’ve created a worldwide fanbase that appreciates our commitment to quality, simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Our journey may have started with a desk, but now we’re so much more — and we’re just getting started.

Our Mission

Our Mission is Simple

Vari creates workspaces that elevate people. How do we do it? It’s simple.

an office professional builds the wall around her private office by inserting a glass wall panel into position

Quality Products

Our high-quality office furniture is designed to meet the needs and challenges of growing companies. Our products are tested and certified to the highest industry standards. Everything is flexible and easy to reconfigure, so you can adjust your layout as your needs change — saving you time and money. Whether you plan to retrofit, furnish, or create a whole new space, we have simple, adaptable solutions to meet your needs. Our innovative, durable products are built to last for years. Plus, our solutions let people work however they please.

Professional working on laptop in vari soft seating breakout pod

Streamlined Process

We’ve eliminated the middlemen, long wait times, and expensive surprises, so you can keep your project on-time and in-budget. From manufacturing to space planning, delivery, and installation, Vari makes it simple to create workspaces that elevate people. We think companies should be able to get the quality office furniture they want without hassles or high costs. You’ll have a brand new workspace in as little as 28 days, and that includes free space planning and installation.*

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Superior Service

We want more than customers, we want lifelong fans — so we back our quality products with a solid warranty that replaces the full product, not just parts and pieces. With our 30-Day Hassle- Free Policy, because you can return it for any reason for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Our Achievements

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Desktop Converters

Sits on top of your existing desk

Desks and Tables

Full-size standing desks and tables


Chairs, stools, and active seating


Lockers and cabinets

Walls and Panels

Partitions and privacy options


Mats, monitor arms, lighting, and more

How to Get Your Project Started

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Fully furnished spaces

VariSpace® is Move-In Ready

VariSpace is designed to elevate the way businesses approach the office. These innovative workspaces bring first-class amenities and flexible space solutions together in multi-tenant campuses ideal for enterprise-level tenants. Tenants can choose flexible lease terms of three years or longer; opportunities are available from 10,000 square feet and above.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Vari, we’re committed to a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. And we believe that to truly have this thriving culture it must be intentionally fostered, cultivated, and preserved. Our stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion impacts how we hire, compensate, train, develop and grow our team. It also shapes where we source our vendors, where we donate, and how we do business. We’re committed to continuing to grow as a company to live these values more fully each day. In 2020, we established a Diversity Council to foster a culture of inclusivity, bringing awareness to blind spots, and reinforcing the importance of diversity throughout our organization. The Diversity Council is made up of Vari team members who are passionate about ensuring that everyone is respected equally, and that all voices will be heard and will matter.

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Vari Community Giving

Vari Community Giving is our charitable giving program. We believe in giving back to our community. Our goal is to help non-profit organizations focus their funds where they matter most. By donating Vari office furniture to non-profit organizations, we can help alleviate operation costs. That means they can put their money back into the community. Since 2018, Vari has donated more than $5 million in product to nonprofit organizations.Another way we give back? Volunteer Time Off. Our team receives paid time off to spend volunteering. We support our team by helping them donate time to nonprofits and causes that they are passionate about – organizations that resonate with them on a personal level. Together, we can help make the world a better place.