Office Accessories

Enhance your space with accessories like standing mats, LED desk lamps, standing desk monitor arms, collaborative marker boards and more. Vari products assemble easily and don’t require special tools, which means they can be assembled by almost anyone, reconfigured quickly, and work in almost any space.

With our hand-picked Bundles, you can build the workspace you need and save at the same time.

variety of accessories, including a standing mat, a powerhub for power solutions on the desktop, and dual monitor arms to hold monitors off the desk

Monitor Arms

Free up desk space and keep monitors right where you need them, with monitor mounts designed specifically for standing desks and sit-stand solutions.

dual monitor arm 180 with a flat design to keep it flush with walls
Monitor Arms
adjustable monitor arms hold computers high enough so that an office professional can comfortably use the computer

Monitor Arms

Free up desk space with our full line of computer monitor arms. Whether you have single or dual displays, we have the best monitor arm mount for your workspace. Every option is simple to assemble, fully adjustable, and VESA compatible.

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Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats

Floor mats to cushion and support your feet, knees, joints, and back while standing. A perfect accompaniment to a Vari® standing desk solution.

active standing mats
Standing Mats

Standing Mats

Standing desk floor mats are designed to make standing more comfortable, providing cushion and support for your feet, knees, and back. All our anti-fatigue mats are designed with a sturdy, high-density core, non-slip bottom, and beveled, no-curl edges.

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two feet on a standing mat in sneakers

More monitors? No problem.

Whether your setup has 1, 2, or even 3 monitors, we've got monitor arms that can lift your displays to promote better posture and free up desk space.

professional adjusts his monitors easily with one hand to ensure it's properly placed for the best posture.

Marker Boards

Flexible space partitions you can write on

two markerboards next to eachother, one large and one small
Marker Boards
man writes on a markerboard to present data in a meeting

Marker Boards

Our dry-erase marker boards are available in several sizes and feature quick, easy assembly and installation. Perfect for offices or classrooms, they can transition from a brainstorm to a presentation and back again. Plus, our mobile marker boards can double as partitions between workstations to complete any flexible workspace.

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Vari space planner directs furniture installation

Free Space Planning

Our workspace design services are included with qualifying projects, so you don't have to pay extra for a space plan that will work for you now and scale as your business grows.

Furnish Your Whole Office for Less

Our bulk order pricing means you can save when you buy multiple products together. Plus, there's no hidden fees or haggling required.

professionals enjoy breakroom conversation while seated at a round table

Power and Lighting

Flexible power and lighting options help you customize your space.

a powerhub desktop power solution
Power & Lighting

Power and Lighting

We make it simple to brighten and power up your space with flexible, adaptable power and lighting fixtures. Our solutions don't require additional wiring, so they can be easily moved.

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a lamp shines light on a functioning desk and wirelessly charges a smartphone. the light is plugged into a powrerhub, conviently clamped on to the desk.
vari install team delivers office furniture

Free Delivery, Free Returns

Vari® orders ship free, and if you don't love your products within the first 30 days, we'll pay the return cost, too.

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