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We stand behind our products, literally, and we believe in upfront, fair pricing for all of our customers.
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Our patented rowing lift was designed for our healthy-back philosophy.
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It’s hard to ignore the recent standing desk movement. Using a standing desk is one way to encourage you to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Many organizations have begun to recognize the great benefits that come with switching to an active workspace.
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A step-by-step guide for adjusting the tension, tilt, and swing of your Monitor Arms.
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If you're stuck on how to breathe new life into your office, you’re sure to be inspired by the new Vari lookbook.
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A complete Electric Standing Desk panel code troubleshooting guide.
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You're 6 or fewer questions away from the best sit-stand solution for you.
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This video highlights the creative process that went into developing and designing the ProDesk 60 Electric.
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Gift ideas for everyone on your list (including you)
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