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As a facility manager, you may be wondering if standing desks would be a welcome addition to your workspace. This is a big decision that you may find difficult to make. To help ease the burden of this decision, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons why adding standing desks to your office is the absolute right decision.
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Vari created the original VariDesk but offers so much more than standing desks. Vari has a full collection of office furniture including walls, workstations, lighting, seating, and storage. Vari also provides free space planning, free delivery in the contiguous US, and free setup on qualifying orders.
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Simply put, static office setups are dated. Our world revolves around the ability to be mobile and stay connected, and employees are no longer willing to resign themselves to finite spaces and stationary walls.
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A brief look at the science behind how standing desk solutions can benefit your health and productivity.
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No single employee works the same way. Employees today do their best work when they’re surrounded by an office built to accommodate their dynamic needs.
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Stop making an simple workspace so complicated! Simplifying your workspace improves your employees’ well-being and productivity. Here are three ways to foster simplicity in the Active Workspace.
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Two years — that’s how much time the effects of sitting disease may actually take away from our life-spans, perhaps more. This article compiles relevant research and news to help you understand these effects.
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VARIDESK is changing the way people buy and use office furniture. See how VARIDESK products allow you to build a completed sit-stand workstation in under five minutes with the Electric standing Desk 60x30 (formerly called the ProDesk® 60 Electric), active seating and accessories.
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There’s simply no place for the cubicle in today’s modern activity-driven culture. The modern office should be an active workspace where culture drives functionality and employee health is as central to the tenets of work as is job performance.
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Nothing impacts the productivity of a company and its ability to grow like its workforce. Learn the best practices and common pitfalls when buying office furniture.
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We are Vari®, creators of the VariDesk®, but we offer so much more than that. We’re a workspace innovation company offering a complete line of flexible office furniture designed to flex as your organization grows and changes.
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