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individual lifting vari converter to standing position

Up and out: that’s the motion our manual-lift products make when you want to get on your feet.

We specifically designed the rowing-lift mechanism for optimal posture. When you lift up and back, you’re lifting from your bottom half and leveraging your full-body power.

If you had to pull it straight up, you’d be left to find the strength in your back, straining your lower back and shrugging your shoulders. We find this grossly counter-intuitive to our healthy-back philosophy.

That’s why we suggest that while raising or lowering your desk, you should bend from the waist and maintain a straight back. Our spring-assist will help you out.

When lowering the desk, don’t be afraid to push toward the back of the desk and a little down. You’ll find that any desk – no matter the size – is a cinch to raise and lower.

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