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Vari’s adaptability lends itself to innovation, so there’s always something new. We’ve rounded up the best sit-stand converters, full desk replacements, and accessories for various needs, so you can get back to work.

Best All-Around Desktop Converter:

The VariDesk Pro Plus 36 continues to be our best-selling product. It’s easy to see why: it works on most desks, offers a gentle posture curve, and is one of our most affordable sit-stand desk converter options. Of course, if you have a corner desk or a cubicle, we have options for that, too!

Best Full-Sized Standing Desk:

Here in the Vari headquarters, the Electric Standing Desk – specifically the 48-inch version - is a big favorite. The smaller footprint makes it easier to keep teams close, and it doesn’t overwhelm a home office. Additionally, the electric push-button operation makes switching between sitting and standing a breeze – many users even notice that they’re willing to stand more often!

Best Desktop Converter for Taller Users:

For our taller fans, we have two great options, depending on your workstation needs. We love the Electric Standing Desk, mentioned above, because it can reach heights up to 54.5” off the ground. For those who are committed to their existing desk, the Tall 40 is made for tall people – it can raise the keyboard tier up to 17.25” off the surface of your desk.

Best Desktop Converter for Working from Home:

For those whose home office consists of a laptop on the kitchen table, we suggest a mobile desktop converter that can easy be stored away. The Laptop 30 fits the bill, with its portable design that boasts plenty of room for your laptop, papers, and your boost-of-initiative cup of coffee. Of course, if you have the dedicated space, an Electric Standing Desk keeps your space tidy, active, and beautiful.

Best Standing Mat:

Our favorite standing mat is the ActiveMat, the beloved accessory of those users who fidget while working. It’s a life-saver for those who can’t just stand still with its edges to stretch, lean, and tap on. It fits beautifully under a Vari Electric Standing Desk. For a smaller, flatter footprint with an equally slim pricepoint, consider The Mat 34x20– one of our best-selling products.

Best Monitor Arms:

As far as bestsellers go, you can’t beat the Dual Monitor Arms. They have the most mobility, adjustable tension, and can handle the largest monitors. For those in a tight cubicle, we offer the Dual Monitor Arm 180 Degree, the same space-saving solution pared down for a tiny footprint.

Best Active Seating Chair:

The Active Seat is a favorite with users – its wider seat makes for a more comfortable perch, without sacrificing the rigid support needed to maintain a healthy posture. The molded plywood gives an elegant touch, too!

With these outstanding, high-performing options, we know you’ll be able to find the best active workspace solution for you! Click the “Shop All” button below to find all our solutions.